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Check our events calendar here and find out more about upcoming meetings and details of special events below:


December Outing - a little early :-)

Wednesday 29th November

Lots of fun in the dark with Andy and Karen Boyle! Calm down dears - being a photography group this involves a bit of wire wool spinning and various other fun ideas involving light. We will be next to the River Weaver at Winsford - go down Bradford Rd past the salt works car park on the right, just before a narrow bridge.  Andy will stand on the corner so you don't miss it. X marks the spot on an attached map.

Light painting

Wednesday 15th November

So Andy and Karen Boyle want to know who wants to come and play in the dark ;-)


  Following on from their successful event last year, they are here to draw giant spirographs in the air. So let out your inner child and come to play.


  In addition to Andy's talk about light painting and his spirograph challenge, YOU can also get involved. Bring along a scene which would look good light painted with a torch.  (It would be helpful if you brought along a large box to help cut out light too).


  Should you be able to tear yourselves away from the fun, refreshments will be available  and the whole evening will cost the usual £4 (Meeting at Willomere, East Rd. 7.30pm).


  Look forward to seeing you all there - don't forget your camera and tripod!!


Outing November 2017

Saturday 11th November

As part of their recent wanderings Ken and Dave have found this little gem...

November Photo shoot - This Saturday, 14.00 at Bramall Hall, Stockport, SK7 3NX


This is a very interesting Tudor House with lots of interesting and inspiring photo opportunities. If the weather is good there is also Bramall Park

Adults £5
Concessions £3.75

Website -

Flash photography is not allowed so you might want to bring a Monopod or, failing that, a tripod.

Outing for October 2017

Saturday 7th September

Dave Warren (aka Daverine) has come up with a dry option in case of bad weather  this weekend. We are meeting at 2.00pm at Englesea  Brook Chapel and Museum, Englesea Brook Lane CW2 5QW (Open Saturday 10am to 5pm). Entry and car park is FREE but a donation is very welcome.  There is also a tea room on site. Visit the website for more information. By car, lookout for Brown signs for the Museum from several directions. The title of the challenge  will be given on arrival.

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