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Terms and conditions of club 



  • The 21st Century Technology n Camera Group is a NOT FOR PROFIT -COMMUNITY GROUP.                     

  • The group is an affiliated member of Cheshire East-CVS, based in Sandbach, Cheshire.

  • Group members are from the local Cheshire community who wish to understand more about cameras and the use of technology, and wish to learn more. They should be willing to help and assist other member’s  to learn more about today’s technology by helping with demonstrations / discussion  and other group activities, as may be deemed necessary to promote more understanding of technology.

  • Members should be willing to pass on their own knowledge of products, software and futures to members, particularly where product software and new technology is concerned.

  • In addition to group members, external professional people will be invited to present to the group using their own products.




  • The group is open to all ages, male, female, and is particularly suited to disabled members as the facilities at WILLOWMERE-Middlewich are situated at street level, are warm, comfortable and have been designed specifically to suite all members of the community.

  • Every member should respect ALL other members and assist them as much as possible.

  • The group administration uses the group e-mail list to ensure all members are kept up to date about information / outings / photo sessions etc. General information is also available on the website.  FLICKR is seen as the first point to store photos to share privately with the group and publicly on the website gallery. Social media (FACEBOOK) is to provide a discussion point for members and provides a point where photos can be shared from Flickr. Other social media tools, e.g. WHATSAPP and TWITTER are used as appropriate. WHATSAPP is used to contact members if there is a last minute change to outing arrangements.

  • The group is most suited for ANY COMMUNITY person to become a member. We meet in accessible premises, scout outing sites for accessibility and any additional special requirements will be considered in our arrangements for meetings as required.

  • Member photos can be displayed privately amongst the "Members' Share" group on Flickr and members can also choose to display their photos on the website gallery page through the "Website Gallery" Flickr group.

  • There is NO YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEE all you have to do is join the email list to become a member. You can contact us via the group e-mail ( Fees are only charged to attend group meetings. Fees will be kept to a minimum but will be maintained at a level to ensure all group running cost are covered, and to ensure the future viability of the Group. Group photo outings to public places will be FREE to attend. Costs to visit / enter private places would be charged at cost to all members attending such photographic outings.

  • It is planned that Group funds will be supplemented by GRANTS from both local and national institutions. (By experience we already know that this takes considerable time and effort to get agreed and paid to the group). This GRANT / FUNDING activity will be undertaken by the group administration, and group members will always be kept informed of applications and progress when requested.

  • The use of group fees are listed separately below.



Young people attending Meetings and Photo Outings


  • Family members (aged 14-17) are welcome to group meetings at Willowmere-Middlewich, and the group “Instructional Photo Outings”. They remain the responsibility of the adults attending with them.


  • Please Note -Conditions below do NOT apply to members who wish to bring their children (any age) with them on “Instructional Photo Outings” but it must be fully understood by families that on photo outings their children are their sole responsibility, whilst out and about with the group.


  • Conditions allowing adult family members to bring children to events and photo outings:


  1. Young people (at least 14 to 17 years old) may attend meetings and photo outings.


  2. They must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The adult family member is responsible for the younger person’s behaviour and actions at all times.


  3. Willowmere is a residential home with 70 apartments for older people, who may well be walking around at times (some with walking aids) when the group is having meetings. Therefore, young people must be accompanied by the responsible adult when not in the meeting room (restaurant at this time) and any other room / facility being used by the group. No loud noise or running is allowed, and is particularly important when leaving the group meeting, which may be late evening.


  4. They are covered by the Group 3rd Party Insurance Policy (confirmed by insurance company).


  5. Young people can participate in all group activities, just as though they are full members.

  6. The cost for a young person to attend meetings is the same as for an adult.


  •  Where a younger person is considered to be disabled in any way, but wishes to participate in group meetings and outings, they are most welcome to attend. Should the young person require a carer to be with them at meetings and outings, then this carer will be deemed to be the “responsible adult”. Costs to attend meetings and photo outings are as in (G) above, however as always, for group meetings and photo outings, the carer attends for free.

  • NOTE: - Considerable time and effort has gone into checking out the official rules, regulations and conditions, to allow for young people to attend meetings and photo outings. Failure to follow the simple rules as outlined above will result in the young person being excluded from future meetings and outings.


 Terms and conditions of use of WILLOWMERE, Middlewich.



  • We use the main restaurant as this is fully equipped with plenty large tables and very comfortable chairs. We can bring into the room  any of their IT we need to use for the evening. I.e. Projector and Screen (electronic connected to OUR Laptops for presentations). Small rooms are available, later.


  • WIFI is available. Password available on request


  • Facilities will be available to make coffee and tea from our own provisions. We are expected to wash up cups and tools used, and leave it CLEAN.


  • A member of the committee will be on the doors for security as the place is CLOSED after 5.30.


  • CAR PARKING for on-site parking is available for some 20 cars.


  • For resident’s security, NO-ONE is allowed to roam around freely except for access to facilities made available to us.


  • If ANYONE is seriously ill there is a PULL CORD in the room, and this will bring internal help.


  • We have to leave the room as we found it....There is a bin in the refreshment room. Please return any furniture you have moved back to its original position.


  • A FIRE EXIT is available in the actual room we will be using, there are also other FIRE EXITS, by another door. These can be indicated by the safety officer or the committee member who is running the meeting. Please make sure you are aware of where to go. New members will be instructed as required.

  • Finally, this facility is a residential home for people over the age of 60 to over 100.....PLEASE be QUIET at all times.



21st Century Technology n Camera Group Fees


The group fees are to cover:


  • the required 3rd Party Insurance;

  • expenses for the continued use of all of the Willowmere-Middlewich facilities;

  • expenses for group website;

  • the group meetings mid-break refreshments break and supporting equipment;

  • any external fees and expenses for professional technical presenters at group meetings;

  • help towards any external group photographic session where an entrance fee is required.

  • purchases of any group technical equipment eg. projector, or any equipment deemed necessary to make better technical presentations as the group develops or equipment which can be used for the benefit of the majority of group members. NOTE: Approval of these purchases will be made by the group at meetings (on the basis that people that attend the meetings are the ones who have contributed the funds) and notification of significant (>£40) purchases will be made by email so those who are interested parties can attend;

  • Monies will not be paid to any committee member for services rendered to the group at any time;

  • If a committee member has any vested interest in a purchase/action this MUST be fully disclosed.

  • Receipts will be available for inspection, if requested by members, or any external grant requesting organisation at any suitable time;

  • Proper group financial records are being kept, with receipts for spend and income received from members and grants (when received) for inspection.



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